Healing benefits of tantric massage

Visiting tantric salon is an exciting experience worth having. It is an refresh for your mind, soul as well as body. Erotic massage is simply healing.

Why to choose service of Bratislava tantra salon?

Snow mandala

1.Location in capital city

Our salon has an excellent location, directly in the centre of Bratislava. It is easily accessible for our clients.

2.Discreet, professional staff

Our staff is always ready to fulfill your desires. You can choose your masseuse or masseur.

3. Health benefits for your physical body

Massage relieves pain, you will stop feeling tension, instead of that you can experience pleasure and climax.

4.Health benefits for your emotional life

Having a beautiful companion with you, feeling attractive will have an effect on your psyche. It helps with your self-esteem.

5. Get in touch with spirituality

6.Explore intimacy and your body

7.Enchanting atmosphere of our salon


10.Numerous programmes to choose

Classic tantra (great for newbies), Body tantra, Body mutual tantra, Secret dark tantra, Tantra rain mutual

Sensual tantra, Special tantra,

Magic tantra, Couple tantra

Double body tantra, Double special

Deluxe tantra, Exclusive tantra (for women only)

Exotic mandala

11.Amazing reviews

12. You will receive a gift at the end

13. Sexual vitality

14.Great idea as a gift for your friend,colleague, acquaintance

15.Reconnect with your higher self

16.Tantric massage helps with sexual stamina

17.Great couple experience for open-minded and courageous people

18.Multi-orgasmic experience for gentlemen

19.Stimulation of all of your 5 senses

Soothing music, touches, enchanting smell of candles, beautiful masseuses, tasty chocolate fondue and champagne

20.Get rid of shame about sexuality

21. Energetic exchange

22.Opening hours

23.Getting to know Namaste ritual

24. Choosing a duration of your massage